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  • By : Management
  • Aug 18, 2023


Today, the management team of the Northern Davao Electric Cooperative Inc. (NORDECO), led by Engr. Emmanuel Galarse, Chairperson of the Board of Directors and designated NEA Project Supervisor along with Elvera Alngog, Acting General Manager, paid a visit to BENECO. The purpose of their visit was to gather insights and knowledge about the cooperative’s operations. Beyond operational insights, they sought to know how BENECO overcame one of the biggest challenges it encountered in the past two years.

NORDECO faced similar challenges as BENECO, including leadership matters, renewal of their franchise among others. Alngog mentioned that although they managed to navigate the franchise renewal process to a certain extent, the struggle persists due to ongoing legal actions by Davao Lights, which has taken the matter before Congress and the Senate. When questioned about their survival strategy, Ms. Marilou Impuesto, ISD Manager, stressed the significance of unity, loyalty and steadfast dedication to the cooperative’s mission and fight. She highlighted that during the peak of their battles, NORDECO’s workforce of 800 displayed a remarkable cohesion of purpose. One mind, one heart, one goal.

Expressing gratitude, NORDECO’s management team conveyed their deep appreciation to the BENECO family for their unwavering support and prayers during NORDECO’s challenges. Despite the chilly climate of Baguio, the NORDECO team felt a heartwarming reception from the BENECO family as they were welcomed into their home at South Drive.

In return, the BENECO team extended their appreciation to NORDECO, as they finally met the cooperative with the same struggle.

We power on BENECO and NORDECO!