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  • By : James C. Palicdon
  • Dec 13, 2023


Today is the official turn over of the meter reading billing and collection system provided by BENECO to the Ifugao Electric Cooperative, Inc. (IFELCO). A simple thanksgiving program was held by IFELCO with GM Robert Humiwat and the 7 board of directors chaired by Mr. Bonifacio Baichon. They met the BENECO delegation headed by Chairman Steve Cating, Power Generation Manager Artemio Bacoco, Paul Donaal, Irwin Ojascastro and James Palicdon.

Donaal headed the team from BENECO who installed and upgraded the billing and collection system of IFELCO including the orientation and training of the end users.

GM Humiwat expressed his gratitude to BENECO, the management for this great innovation to increase their collection and upgrade their billing.