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  • Aug 03, 2020


Our BENECO linemen may often look haggard but that's what their daily story is all about - climbing poles to correct overhead lines, replace busted transformers or protection devices, dig holes for pole erection and install electric meters.

Indeed, their every shift is backbreaking. That's why it's but normal to see them slump at the end of the day, all drained and exhausted.

In the power industry, no can argue against the fact that the linemen are our own brand of front liners. Once electricity flow suddenly snaps, expect them to be dispatched with no mercy. And with today's digital world that makes convenient a platform to relay complaints on power interruption, the linemen often find themselves stretched to the limit attending to job orders issued left and right.

Our consumers are often a bunch of unsatisfied lot. They want their electricity restored pronto. Seeing that their neighbors have their lights on while their own bulbs are gasping in the dark, consumers would rise up in arms and hurl invectives on the electric cooperative. Some take their rant to social media, triggering a feast among similarly disgruntled MCOs.

We understand where the gripes come from. But admittedly, we often look to the direction of the linemen who could restore things in order, literally and figuratively. The linemen bail us out from no supply of electricity, prolonged scheduled and unscheduled power interruption, blinking incandescent or fluorescent lamps due to low voltage or risk to households caused by fallen trees weighing down on electric cables.

The ante is upped when strong typhoons ram through all our systems and place the entire city and the province in a massive outage. While most of us are advised to stay put in our office nooks, or enjoy the comfort of a weekend in our homes, the linemen do not. Donned in their orange and blue coveralls, our linemen brave the rain and thunderstorms to inspect what the hell caused the trip and see to it that power is restored ASAP.

Thanks to some sensitive denizens. They do find time to thank the electric cooperative once their power is restored. Some directly laud the linemen whom they saw within the vicinity. This, we owe the linemen whose 24/7 tour of duty practically hinged all that matters as far as the continuous supply of electricity is concerned.

Kudos to our BENECO linemen. You are the men that anchor BENECO's service to its MCOs. Falter and we are all condemned, succeed and we are all commended. But the hype must go to you guys for a job well done. We know that. We are aware of that. And we will never take away from you that the power that be was courtesy of your bruised and calloused hands.

That's why we strongly support House Bill No. 472 that calls for the declaration of the first Monday of August as Linemen Appreciation Day.

But let's be candid. It will take more than a day to appreciate who you are and what you do as linemen.

To our BENECO linemen, thanks a lot for being there. Let's drink to that. GM MSL still has his scotch, Royal Salute.

Or bear hug, since we are still on pandemic.