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  • By : BENECO Employees
  • Feb 14, 2023

Dear Mayor Palangdan

Dear Mayor Palangdan,

We just wished you should have lived longer.
For we know that you will forever be our ally.
For BENECO, the community and all households.
You went beyond being only a member consumer.
As a former director of the board, you led and helped craft policies designed to protect BENECO.
During your helm as board chair, you minded your colleagues of their obligations. Duty above all, you then said.

As a responsible public official, you made sure you had a stand on the issues that matters for the electric cooperative.
You took time to visit us and ask how we were.
From there, you gave your piece of mind.
So strong and determined. Unabashed and unsolicited.
Your “going” has left us a vacuum.
It pains to realize that this time though, we have one less a defender.
We will continue to fight for what is right.
And with your words behind us, we will never waver.

BENECO Employees.