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  • By : Laarni S. Ilagan
  • Jun 07, 2024

BENECO and NEA digital dash board up for testing

The National Electrification Administration (NEA) is currently doing the final testing of the Digital Dashboard Command Center (DDCC) that would hook up BENECO’s technical systems with the dashboard of the state agency.

“We are doing this before the final equipment is brought in to BENECO. We will spend the next two to three days to install the software on BENECO’s side,” Mel Locsin, NEA’s representative, said.

The cooperative is closely working with NEA through the Management Information and Communications Systems (MICS) and the Special Equipment and Metering Office (SEMO) of the network services department for the project’s completion.

Paul Donaal, MICS supervisor, and Mario Calatan, SEMO supervisor, did a huddle with NEA yesterday on how to go about the testing. Upon the completion of the set up of the dashboard, NEA will be able to monitor BENECO’s systems in real-time in terms of billing, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and outages especially during disaster, according to Donaal.

BENECO joined the Cebu Electric Cooperative Inc. III (CEBECO III) as the pilot cooperatives for the project since they already have their respective SCADA systems in place.

Locsin said that BENECO’s support and system readiness met the standards for the project’s deployment not only in terms of software but also in the process of data recording. Locsin was impressed with what BENECO can bring to the project. He took note of BENECO’s procedures and data recording to be crucial in the connectivity between the cooperative and the NEA dashboard.

The connectivity between BENECO and NEA, through the digital dashboard will allow NEA to see the electric cooperative’s situation like outages during typhoons. Melchor Licoben, general manager, was grateful BENECO was chosen as a pilot cooperative for the project, saying he also welcomes any input to improve BENECO’S systems.

BENECO is currently working on an automatic switching scheme during emergency or unscheduled power interruptions.

This dashboard project will also be rolled out to the other 121 electric cooperatives in the country as its next phase. See less