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  • By : BENECO BOD & Management
  • Nov 25, 2021

A Statement of Serious Concern on the Vicious Attacks


It has come to our attention, and to the attention of the general public as well, that individuals and groups of individuals attributable to a certain ATTY. OMAR M. MAYO (who have been introducing himself as the “project supervisor” assigned to BENECO} and one ATTY ANA MARIA PAZ B. RAFAEL (the purported “general manager” of BENECO} have been harassing and maligning on social media certain member-consumer-owners (MCOs) of BENECO.

These highly-intelligent, fully-enlightened and independent-minded MCOs, are now paying the price for stepping out of their comfort zones and have chosen to fight the tyrannical attempts of Atty. Mayo and Atty. Rafael --- and their gullible and opportunist local collaborators --- to takeover BENECO and steal its member-consumer-owners their rights of ownership of BENECO.

Having failed in their pre-dawn commando-type raid of the South Drive headquarters of BENECO on October 18, 2021 and likewise having failed to trick the local government units of Baguio, the provincial government units of Benguet, and the general public at-large into thinking that they are their knights-in-shining-armors, Atty. Omar M. Mayo and Atty. Ana Maria Paz B. Rafael --- and their gullible and opportunist local collaborators --- are now desperate and have turned their ire against certain MCOs.

But these MCOs --- smart and composed as they are --- will not back down. Never. They will not be silenced or cowed into submission merely by intimidation, lies or by abusive language or insults and worst, red-tagging.

All the more that these MCOs will find greater resolve in fighting the highly-deceptive and vicious instruments of tyranny and of a rotten system -- in the persons of Atty. Omar M. Mayo and Atty. Ana Maria Paz B. Rafael and their gullible and opportunist local collaborators.

These MCOs are fighting out of love for their cooperative and of their city and of their province where respect for one another must be upheld. They are not motivated by money as one would like to falsely impress upon our minds. Not with any form favor in return --- now or in the future.

The BENECO Board (under the chairmanship of Atty. Esteban A. Somngi) and the management (under the qualified leadership of GM Engr. Melchor S. Licoben) are one with these MCOs.

We condemn in strongest terms these people and groups of people professing for the destruction and the eventual downfall of BENECO. They have no place in this civilized world.

And together with the MCOs, we will fight to the end and until these disciples of tyranny, impunity, arrogance and opportunism lurking in the dark are forever banished.

Fight on, MCOs! We have nothing to lose but our chains!